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For an idea of how much your specific project may cost, please check out the GVAA Rate Guide - the industry standard guideline for project rates.

Your project is important, or you wouldn't be crafting it with such skillful care! You likely have a budget (whether fixed or range-negotiable) in mind to compensate your chosen voice artist. Between your budget, the project details, and my skills - I'm confident we can find a rate that works for all involved.

While there are many terms and variables that factor into a finalized voice over project rate, I can promise you this - with me as your voice talent, your project will get done swiftly, professionally, and within budget - every time.

If you've heard enough and you're ready to book me to voice your project, then let's dance! When we’re working together, you are my priority. I make sure you get a great voice over - one that helps take your project to the next level.


Recordings are typically self-directed - but if you wish to schedule a live-directed session from my home studio, I'm available via phone or Source Connect Standard! If ISDN (or editing beyond basic audio) is absolutely required, a directed session can be booked using a nearby external recording studio.

Services include:

* A professional, full-time female voice talent (yours truly).

* Fast delivery (raw files within 30 minutes post-session, edited files typically within/less than 24 hours).

* Friendly, hassle-free service.

* Clean raw voice recordings (unless cleaned files are requested, breaths/pops removed).

* Files in MP3, WAV, or AIFF format (depending on your preference).

* Audio files delivered via WeTransfer.

* SourceConnect Standard.

* Quality studio equipment (Synco D-2 shotgun mic as primary, or Harlan Hogan VO-1A if preferred, Focusrite Scarlett interface, Adobe Audition DAW).

* Free retakes^^

* The guarantee that if you're not completely happy, neither am I - we will work together to ensure "happy".

^^"Free retakes" to correct or adjust a read to your final satisfaction. This is dependent upon the overall scope of the project, and provides for minimal retake needs. Retakes/revisions will be billed if they are due to script changes after script approval and voice over recording have taken place. The rate for billable retakes will be discussed and a quote will be provided.


*Invoice will be sent (via Wave) immediately once files are delivered. "Net 30" is my default expectation - if you require longer than 30 days to complete payment, partial payment may be requested in good faith. 

*Payment options: Credit card or ACH Bank payment. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and check can also be accommodated.

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